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Addison Township Firefighters


Support our local volunteer Fire Department.

Village of Leonard


Village President Michael McDonald

Addison Township


Township Supervisor Bruce Pearson

Leonard United Methodist Church


 Pancake Breakfast the morning of the Strawberry Festival at the

Leonard United Methodist Church

254 E. Elmwood    8:00am to 10:30am


Addison Township Library


Search Facebook for Addison Twp. Library or click on the Facebook on the library website link below.

2019 SF Postmark coming soon!


A Strawberry Festival commemorative cancellation postmark is created each year and usually reflects the yearly t-shirt design. Request your mail be stamped with this postmark beginning the day of the Festival. Limited time availablilty.


Strawberry Festival Commemorative Postmark

What is a cancellation Postmark?

The words “postmark” and “cancel” often are used interchangeably. However, to be perfectly accurate, a postmark is the marking applied by a postal worker giving the place of mailing, the date of mailing and the time of mailing. The cancellation, or cancel for short, is the imprint on the postage stamp that invalidates it against future use. They are highly requested by collectors all over the world and can be obtained only from the issuing post office on the date indicated on the postmark and for a limited time afterward.  

In 2017 our Strawberry Festival postmark was featured in the USPS August monthly corporate publication.

In 2017 the Strawberry Festival postmark was featured in the USPS August monthly corporate publication.  The Strawberry Festival Postmark usually reflects the t-shirt design for the same year. This years t-shirt and postmark designed by Linda Noaker.

Collector and out of the area?

Write the Leonard Michigan Postmaster at 22 E Elmwood St, Leonard, MI 48367  for a stamped postcard of the 2018 Strawberry Festival official design (above). 

Find out more about how you can create and submit a United States Postal Service Postmark design for your event.

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